What Can an Organic Church Wedding Look Like?

So as many of you can see, I haven’t been posting here for some time. However, this is not because I have lost interest in the Lord, but rather because I have been distracted with something.. Something good and exciting.

I fell in love with a wonderful girl who loves Christ and His bride.. and pursuing her has taken much of my time. As I’ve fallen in love, I’ve learnt so much on how the Lord loves and pursues His bride, and desires to have His bride in oneness with Him. My romance and desire is a shadow of His romance and desire.. Consequently, I have just gotten engaged to my beloved. We want to get married and spend the rest of our lives in loving union with one another.

So, since I’m actively pursuing Christ in an organic Church environment, I want to ask the following question: What does/can an organic church wedding look like? My wife-to-be and I are not interested in having a traditional wedding.. we want our wedding to be organic and full of Christ, but as far as our research goes, we cannot find any precedent or examples of organic weddings in the NT or anywhere else. We are also the first couple in our organic Church to be getting married (There are other married couples, but they got married in a traditional way).
So, I would love anyone who has ideas or experience with organic church weddings to comment and give us ideas of what is possible. Perhaps this post can even be helpful reference for couples in the future.

I look forward to hearing your ideas and comments.

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  1. This should be interesting…

    But first of all warmest congrats to you both, and the Lord himself make his face shine on you!

    From Erroll and Melanie, who celebrated 40 years of love and togetherness recently. The Lord is faithful!

  2. Short answer from an OCP (organic church person): any way you want it. Honestly, talk with your fiance and the body of believers you meet with and brainstorm something where everyone can participate in an open way. We’ve had some couples get married who are part of the group I am part of, but they all have had pretty traditional weddings due to their own desires, family pressure, and/or the need to have a “minister” perform the ceremony. We have still set aside time for the church to come together and bless each couple separate from the wedding day. In this case the saints would share Christ in regards to marriage/oneness/etc and bless the new couple in some way. Personally, I’ve passed on some helpful books and homemade artwork.

    If you want the actual ceremony to be done as something similar to an OC gathering, you’ll have to work out the legal side, and that depends on what state you are in. Some states allow a notary to perform a wedding, so a person you choose can go through a short course and become a notary and then legally perform the ceremony. Or you can invite a Justice of the Peace to the ceremony. Traditional church pastors usually have various requirements that would preclude them from participating.

  3. Congratulations, Nathan! I am very glad for you!

    As for your question, my experience, though not in the context of organic church at the time, may yet help a little. When my wife and I were engaged, because of extenuating circumstances, our church fellowship was suddenly without a pastor just one month before our wedding! The minister who married us was a dear family friend from England, whom my in-laws invited and flew over to preside over the ceremony. Since he was not a U.S. resident, we also needed to have a Justice of the Peace to participate and perform certain aspects and to sign the marriage certificate. I don’t know what the legal requirements are in South Africa, but perhaps something along that line might be a consideration.

    We are trusting the Lord with you that all of the details will come together and that the Lord’s grace will be upon you both as you are joined together in Him for His glory and purpose!

    Love and blessings in Him!

  4. 🙂 congrats, brother, and welcome to “the club” 🙂 I can testify that there’s no better choice you can make than to fall in love and get married to the one that the Lord has prepared for you!

    I got married recently and I have never touched the reality of the Body of Christ as much as I did when preparing the wedding. There’s the legal side, which can either be combined with the meeting with the saints, but there’s the blessing you get when you open up your situation to the more mature / elders in your locality! Wow, the pouring out of the saints! Their love, blessing, sharing on the marriage life, and encouragement! I am still supplied by what the Lord spoke through the members of His Body in those days….

    What’s most important though is that you and her would pray about this. First pray. Open to the Lord. She may have some expectations when it comes to how and where and what to wear and who to be there, etc – I realized that “girls have dreams”, and they have the “magic wedding” in their mind since they were little! So, through prayer together, through opening to one another, you will find a way.

    Then, open to more mature brothers and sisters. Not to “a lot of them”, but to those whom you consider close and who care for you, and whom also take some responsibility in the meetings of the church. In fellowship everything is so much sweeter, including the death to your own preferences, ideas, and suggestions.

    And finally, I mean, from the beginning to the end, prepare to give in. It’s not “your wedding”, it’s hers; if she’s happy, you are happy. If you decide things together and she’s happy, you will have a very good taste of what the Lord is doing even through such a human event (which portrays what God has on His heart – He wants to get married too!).

    ….and, much grace to you both! May the Lord take you to higher grounds and deeper levels of knowing Him in the Body, and may He lead you both into the all-inclusive Christ as the reality of the good land – even while you’re preparing and planning and working and arranging and….loving!

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