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Organic Church

Living Sacrifices
The Road Less Travelled
Love One Another

Jesus On Leadership
7 Tips on How to Find Organic Church Life

Who Should We Receive Ministry From?
Art and the Church
Is the Church a Building?
Organic Church – An Example
Why I’m Pro-Organic Church Part I
Why I’m Pro-Organic Church Part II
Why I’m Pro-Organic Church Part III
Church Membership – Is it Biblical?
The Church – God’s Dwelling Place
The Second Eve – Part 1
The Second Eve – Part 2

The Body of Christ

The Human Body- A Shadow
All Saints Day
A Study on Mutual Edification – Part 1
A Study on Mutual Edification – Part 2
Boby-Building God’s Way
The Body Part I
The Purpose of the Body Part II
The Functioning of the Body Part III

Christ is All

Theology, Knowledge, and the Mind
The Vulnerable Christ
Learning to Lose
Knowing Christ Deeply

Seeing Christ

Christ our Future
A Christ-Centered Devotional Poem

Christ – The Center of All Things
The Supremacy of Christ in Hebrews
Wisdom and Power
The Way of Humility
The Preeminent Christ – A Poem

Books and Book Reviews

Book Review: In Search of the City
4 Tips on How to Choose Christian Books to Read
From Eternity to Here: Rediscovering the Ageless Purpose of God


Why I Love Christian Blogging
Chain Blog: Christian Unity – What it is and What it’s Not

Biblical Types and Shadows

Abraham, Acting, and Atheists