The Road Less Traveled

We are all on a journey with the Lord, individually as well as corporately with those around us. Our journeys all, in some way or another, look different. We are all in different places in our journey with Christ. Some are further along and some are just starting out, but one thing is for sure… Christ is walking with each one of us.

Paul’s journey on the Damascus road was interrupted by a blinding vision of Christ, which changed his path forevermore. His vision of Christ blinded Him to the religious system and world system of the day. He only had eyes for Christ. After Paul met Christ, his journey changed from following the path of tradition and religion, to taking a road less traveled. In fact the path Paul took was a path that had never been trod before. His steps forged a new road for us to follow on.

What did this road look like? It was a lonely road. It was a road that involved persecutions, trials, beatings, stoning, lashings, slander, and imprisonment. It was a road devoid of all spiritual substitutes that may distract the unsuspecting traveller. It was a narrow road, because few decided to take it.

It turns out that this road has a name. It’s called “The Way”… In fact the road is actually a person… “I am The Way”. This road less traveled is none other than Christ Himself. To take this path means to take Christ and all that He is. When we pursue Christ deeply, individually and corporately, we are on this path. When we come to the realization that Christ alone is the sum of all spiritual things, then can we embark on this journey, for He is The Way. Spiritual practices, theology, sound doctrine, prophecy, evangelism, etc. are not the way… Christ alone is The Way.

“But Nathan, we cannot just abandon all these things! These things are valuable!”… I humbly ask you beloved… “Why not?” … Why not be like Mary and take all that she had accumulated and held dear and waste it on Jesus Christ. Why not be like Paul, and forsake all religious tradition and ritual, to pursue that which blinded him to the world? Is it a waste to abandon ourselves to our bridegroom? The simple reality beloved, is that there is in fact no other path worth taking… and any other path taken besides Christ and Him alone is not The Way… because He is The Way.

The beauty of taking this path is that all the things we may encounter along The Way are no longer man-made or have earthly agendas, but are of Christ and for Christ. All that we learn and experience along this path, is Christ shaping us and moulding us rather than someone else. Because we take this path, we inevitably have to embrace all those who make up Christ, His body. This means that in loving Christ, we love His body, which is made up of people. Loving and accepting others take the place of loving and accepting theologies and doctrines. In fact, that which causes division (Theology, doctrine, etc.) is replaced by the strongest glue… The Love of Christ. There is infinitely more that can be enjoyed and experienced on this path, because of the infinite riches that are found in Christ Jesus. I’ll leave you to find the rest…

Beloved, are you willing to take the road less traveled? Are you willing to waste yourself on Christ?

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  1. Ryan Saunders says:

    Hi Nathan

    What is your understanding of theology, and doctrine? Because, are you not in some sense presenting certain doctrines here? Such as: Christ is the only Way (to which I say “Amen!”). In what sense would you say we should abandon theology and doctrine (and even spiritual practices, prophecy, and evangelism)?

    And do we really have to choose between either loving and accepting others or loving and accepting good theology and doctrine? Can it not be both?


    • Nathan Odell says:

      To give you a simple and probably unsatisfying answer: Christ is my theology and doctrine. “I am the way, the truth and the life” .. Christ is the sum of all spiritual things. When I pursue Christ alone.. I find Truth. In essence, I am saying we should not be pursuing things which are ideas about the Lord… but the Lord Himself. (Things like sound doctrine and evangelism will probably come out of this… but it is not the pursuit).

      Your last question: Love The Truth (Christ).

  2. Ryan Saunders says:

    Ok, sure 🙂 So, if I understand correctly, you’re not suggesting that we should abandon these things – just that we should find them in Christ and in the truth that he has revealed.

  3. Justin Mulder says:

    Great stuff Nathan, what I love about purely pursuing Jesus is that it simplifies everything, when I followed “christian principles” there were so many that I kept dropping them, and eventually I felt condemned by my lack of application of the principals I knew never mind the ones I didn’t. Now I follow Jesus and I am learning how big he is, and everything I need is in him, and is already mine. Life is simpler now, and better too.

  4. Brother, to be honest with you, you left me at a comma, I was expecting something sweet about Him to round things up like:

    Christ our all in all
    Without Him I will fall
    He is my cornerstone
    The author of life, the author of all
    Where does His life put us, where is our Morning Star
    Christ the darling of heaven
    You have become everything thus far
    Christ my all in all, I am lost without your love

    Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
    I love you so my king
    You are my wonder, you are my dream
    Knowing you has been so sweet
    Where else would I go
    O’ God forbid, I am forever lost in you my king
    My eyes can’t go either way but look intently at thee
    O’ dear love of mine you are my Rock indeed
    Amen brethren, a sweet amen
    He is our Comforter

  5. Great stuff. Thank you for writing the article.
    Just one question though. Why must the path of righteousness have to always be through that of loneliness?

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