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A few weeks ago I went on a weekend away with my Church family to a campsite/lodging situated in the midst of a nature reserve. The plan was to set aside the Saturday where we would all go off on our own and spend time with the Lord without talking to one another until we all came back later in the afternoon/evening. I had never done this before, but it was a wonderful experience to say the least. I had a real heart to heart with my Father and Brother, which was awesome. What was also amazing was what the other brothers and sisters shared when we all got back together. I was very moved by what one sister shared that I would like to share it here. She experienced and saw Christ in ways that I had never seen Him, which was truly beautiful. Here’s what she shared in her own words:

Everywhere I look I am reminded of the Lord. All around me are pictures of Him.

When I opened my eyes I saw my husband looking at me and thought of you Lord as my bridegroom. Your eyes on me, eager for me to look at your face and see and feel how much you love me.

When my husband gave me a cup of coffee, the beautiful aroma of the coffee made me think that you are fragrant to the Father and to me, and that my praise and love for you are a beautiful fragrance to you. I love you my beautiful Lord!

In the shower I was reminded that you are the water that cleanses me. I felt refreshed and invigorated and I know that only you Lord can refresh me. As I wait upon you, you renew my strength. You are my refreshing and my strength.

As I looked in the mirror and saw my reflection, I was reminded of the song “I see Jesus in you” and realized that because you live in me, you are my life and I reflect you. I reflect your love, I reflect your words, I reflect your nature and the world can see you in me.

When I ate my breakfast, I was reminded Lord that you are my food and my drink. You are my nourishment! You, my Jesus, are the bread of life. You are Life! Outside of you there is no life! Remind me Lord to partake of you always, to eat of you, to drink of you. You are my sustenance!

As I sat and felt the morning sun warming my body, it felt good and that’s how I feel knowing that you love me and that you are mine. I feel content. Many things give me joy, but there is no joy like you. Nothing and no-one can fulfill me as you do! The Sun is the center of our galaxy and my desire is that you be the center of my life! You are the Light of the world. Without you there is only darkness. May I reflect your light to the world around me.

As I was getting dressed and putting on my clothes, I thought of you Lord being my covering. You have covered me with your blood and have made me holy! You are my protection and you are my comfort.

When I put on my dusty shoes it reminded me that you, God Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth, left your throne, took off the dusty shoes of men and washed their feet! You humbled yourself and you served. What a lesson to us all, that the King of all Kings, the One who should be served, came to serve. Thank you precious Lord.

And then I went off for a walk and I was reminded how you walked with Adam in the garden. I felt your presence walking beside me as a friend does. I was reminded that you call us friends and as much as I was enjoying the walk, you were enjoying it too. As I was enjoying the fellowship with you, you were enjoying the fellowship with me. As I walked with you this morning, I know that for this reason I was created. This is your hearts desire – That I fellowship with you.

The beauty around me points to pictures of your beauty. Everything around me, all of nature is like a temptation which draws me to communicate with you. It’s like its purpose is to entice me to have fellowship with its Creator. I don’t have time like this every day, but throughout the day place reminders in my path to turn to you and tell you how much you mean to me.

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  1. Wow! This is such a beautiful way to see our Lord – in everything! May we be drawn to look at life this way. For Christ is all and is in all.

  2. Thanks for sharing brother, we still need to do that coffee.

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