Other Resources

This purpose of this page is to share other valuable websites and blogs that I find edifying to the body of Christ. Most of these resources have had a large impact on me and the way I relate to God and others. I feel we should honor those who have walked further on their journey with the Lord by learning from them. If you would like your blog shared here then contact me and i’ll put it up as long as you add me to your blog or website as well 🙂


Beyond Evangelical – Frank Viola

Frank Viola is a modern pioneer in explaining God’s heart concerning Church and His eternal purpose. He has written many awesome books that I would highly recommend. His blog is big and has tons of awesome free articles.


The Rebuilders – Milt Rodriguez

Milt Rodriguez has written some very valuable articles on organic church, God’s eternal purpose and the deeper christian life. Well worth your time reading and a large variety of topics to choose from.


The Assembling of the Church – Alan Knox

Alan Knox specializes in church ecclesiology and has done a lot of great work in this area. His posts are more academic and and often challenges the reader to re-evaluate his/her position regarding what the Church actually looks like and how it is meant to function.


House Church Resource South Africa

This website has an organic church listing that connects people in South Africa who are looking for an organic church. It also aims to keep people up to date with what is happening regarding organic church in South Africa.


Christ Centered Christianity – David Bolton

David is passionate about God’s eternal purpose concerning the Church and putting Christ at the center of all things.



Jamal has a great passion for revealing and illuminating Christ and His Church.


All Things in Christ – Michael Young

Great blog by Michael Young who writes on His personal experience into organic church life and what he has learnt along the way.


I call you friend – Dylan Cromhout

Dylan Cromhout is a good friend and brother of mine who has a passion for people to encounter Christ, His Love and for them to come into a deeper revelation of Christ.


T. Austin-Sparks

T. Austin-Sparks was a pioneer in the deeper christian life. The website offers all of his books and articles as free online media. I highly recommend his work.


God Journey – Des Morgan

Des Morgan is a South African sharing his thoughts with others and his journey with God.


Steve Simms

Steve is a reader, writer, thinker from Nashville, Tennessee who asks “Why?” and “Why not?” and continually seeks ways to improve my life and to help others improve their lives.