Book Review: In Search of the City

Earlier this year I came across a blog called “In Search of the City” written by Joshua Lawson. I’ve read quite a few of his blog posts so far and I’ve been impressed by his honesty in dealing with specific topics, his love for others, his exemplary writing skills, and his passion for the Church. To my surprise, Joshua released a FREE Ebook with the same title as his blog, available to all his subscribers, containing some of his most important blog posts and new additional material. I knew the book would be worth reading considering the quality of his blog, so after I got my free copy, I scanned through it’s contents and decided I would start that night.

What I really loved about the book, is that it unveils Joshua’s journey with Christ and others in a way that is deeply personal and relational, while at the same time Joshua reveals some beautiful truths regarding the Church and our standing in Christ. Consequently, I finished the book in one sitting (a couple of hours) since the book is a quick read (about 50 pages in length), and I was gripped by his journey with the Lord, which is strikingly similar to mine.

Joshua’s book is the narrative of a gifted individual/rising star who forsook stardom to pursue the Lord in the only way his conscience would permit. It’s the unfolding of a story revealing the cost and rewards of what it means to pursue the Lord “Outside the Camp”, with the intention of finding the City who’s Builder and Maker is God. Joshua is intensely honest on how this journey has unfolded so far, and the fact that he is still in search of this City. The book instilled in me a hope and desire to see Christ expressed through His body throughout the earth. It also caused me to honestly reflect on my own journey, and the way forward from here.

I highly recommend this book to all my fellow brothers and sisters, and especially those who have gone “outside the camp” in their journey with the Lord. To end off this post, I will quote a few excerpts, which I particularly enjoyed, from Joshua’s book “In Search of the City”. You can get yourself a copy of the Ebook through the link – available here (The link for the Ebook is at the botton of his blog post).

Like Paul on the road to Damascus, the vision of Christ crucified, risen in the heavens, and living in the earth through his Body will open your eyes to Him and blind them to all else. And when your vision of other things returns you will see them in their right relation to Him.

In the church life there must be a place made for both introvert and extrovert, the social butterfly who thrives in the crowd and the timid person who needs more time alone. Neither personality should dominate and dictate the other. Both should be transformed by the Lord and challenged to go outside its comfort zone in respect for and acceptance of the other. This is one lesson I’ll be glad to take with me to the next venture.

The Lord Jesus is a Land of many hills and valleys. He is not all glory and rapture; He is suffering and sorrow, too. And His expression does not look the same in every person. We must learn to walk with God in season and out and recognize His many facets reflected in the saints.

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  1. You are too kind, brother. Thanks for doing this review, I really appreciate it.

  2. I’m going to have to add this one to my reading que. Thank, Nathan for the review!

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