Welcome to my blog. My name is Nathan Odell and I am just a simple brother learning to live a life of love and grace. Part of my journey includes the verse below, and is hence where the name of the blog came from.

“But the one who joins himself to the Lord is one spirit with Him.” 1 Corinthians 6:17

When I read this verse properly for the first time a number of years ago I was utterly floored. I was totally shocked that this verse was actually in my bible. Consequently, I spent many months chewing on this verse and asked the Lord many questions. This verse would invariably come up many times in conversations I had with other believers, since I was trying to glean some form of knowledge or understanding.

In hindsight I realize that there is no eloquent explanation of this verse. The Lord had no intention of giving me a one-liner explanation so that I could file it away in a well organized theological cabinet. His intention and desire was not to give me knowledge but for me to come into an experience of His indwelling Life.

The following themes are the main focus of this blog:

  • Organic Church
  • The body of Christ
  • Christ is All
  • Practical Church Life
  • Book Reviews
  • Blogging
  • Old Testament Types and Shadows (Revealing aspects of Christ)

I hope that through this blog I can share my journey in knowing Christ with my fellow brothers and sisters and that we can grow together in Him.


Blog Rules

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