7 Tips on How To Find Organic Church Life

Finding an organic church or becoming part of an organic church life is not easy. They are few and far between and finding or experiencing one is often like trying to find an oasis in a hot desert. The time between desiring to be part of an organic community of believers and finding one is often referred to as being in the wilderness. It can be rather frustrating, and who knows how long it could last. I’ve been there twice now, and have learnt some things along the way, which may be able to help you come out of the wilderness. These tips are practical and actionable, so hopefully they can help a few people who are out there.

  1. Pray, pray, and pray some more. I put this point here first for a reason… It’s probably the most important. When you are alone and don’t know what to do, there’s only one thing you really can do – pray. It seems like a cliche, but if you ask out of a sincere heart and desire, the Lord answers. Ask the Lord to bring people into your life who you can fellowship with. Pray for saint’s that the Lord can build you together with. The Lord is faithful and has answered my prayers in this regard many times (In His timing of course).
  2. Join Facebook Groups dedicated to Organic Church Networking. This is by far one of the best tips I can give you. In Facebook you can search for things like “Organic Church Network South Africa”. You will find that there are many of these types of groups you can join where likeminded individuals are also seeking others to fellowship with. Share in the group where you are from and what you desire, and you will probably find some people will reply. Personally, I found the group I now meet with using this approach. Also, If you can’t find a Facebook group  dedicated to your country or city, then join another country’s one or start a Facebook group dedicated to your country. People from all over the world join different groups so you might get lucky. Also, it is great to network and share with people, even if they are from other countries. (On a side note, for my fellow South Africans, there is a website that helps connect people in South Africa to organic church groups. Simply send your details through the website, and you will be sent the details of a group closest to you. Click on this link. For other countries, you can use this website)
  3. Follow up on potential leads. If you hear that there is a group meeting near or even far from you, make the effort to go and visit them. The more groups you visit, the more you can find out about whats happening in your area. Every group I’ve visited has always opened up more contacts and leads for me to explore. So even if you don’t end up joining a group, you will have generated more leads.
  4. Start a blog and talk about your journey and desire for organic church community. This is not a “must do”, but it has served me well. I’ve had people message me asking about where they can fellowship, purely from reading about organic expressions of Church on my blog. It’s been a great joy for me to connect with people and connect them to organic churches.
  5. Start small and trust the Lord. If you happen to have a one or two people around you who are pursuing the Lord in this way, then start meeting with one another regularly. It could be your spouse, family, or friend. Share with one another in a open way that exalts Christ. Get to know one another on a deeper level. A seed starts off small, but grows into a large tree. Sink your roots deeply into Christ, allow Him to nourish you, and you will grow. If there are a few of you, and you have no idea what to do, then it can be useful to get outside help, to help establish the group initially (Although, this is not always necessary).
  6. Move to a new location. This is probably the most drastic of all the tips I’ve listed. Personally, I know a married couple who did this after being in the wilderness for about 7 years with nobody but themselves to fellowship with. In reality we are often willing to move for a new job, so why not move to be part of an expression of Christs body?
  7. Lower your expectations. No group you find or start will be perfect or meet your dreams. Organic church life is not easy, and requires lot’s of patience and even suffering. Getting to know people on a deep level and sharing your life with them is challenging. Families have fights and disagreements, but they stick together through thick and thin, through poverty and wealth, and through joy and mourning. The Church is one family. We are all brothers and sisters. Let us love one another.

I hope some of these tips can help you in your journey in finding organic church life. If you have any questions or additional tips, then please ask or share by adding a comment to this post. Also, feel free to email me at joinedtohim@gmail.com. You can follow me on twitter here, and you can also subscribe to my blog for regular updates using the subscribe bar on the top right.

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  1. Stephane Ahiba says:

    Hi brother!
    Thanks so much for the sharings. I’ve been praying for it for almost the past 4 years. I am planning for a blog in French on organic church, but I also hope to visit an organic church in South Africa, since I live in Ivory Coast West Africa.


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